static security

Security Supervisor

Our uniformed Supervisors make sure the quality of a selection of services, that we offer, on the field, that are designed to prepare and provide secure work environments, especially in areas that are rather considered precarious. The Security Supervisors we hire are mostly ex-servicemen and possess vast experience of security on the field. Their skills are further polished by specialized training with respect to their particular assignments. Their core responsibilities include supervision of security guards, discipline in the area and vigilant observation of the surroundings as well as deterring, detection and response to hostile threats.

Security Guards

SOS Pakistan endows with the services of both armed and unarmed security guards who are recruited after going through a thorough process of scrutiny and verification. Mostly coming from armed services background, our security guards are diaphanous trained in multi aspects. Before deployment, guards are trained by our team of professionals at our Training Centers where they are taught the core ethics of their duty, respective SOPs, fire extinguishing, reaction& response etc.

Lady Security Guards

SOS Pakistan introduced the idea of Lady Security Guards, complying with the idea that women are no less than men in any manner. Lady guard force, that we provide, are thoroughly trained and coached at our ratified training centers where they are taught the basics of security duty,weapon-handling, medical assistance, rules of engagement and how to respond to emergencies.

Lady Searchers & Receptionists

SOS Pakistan offers the services of providing lady Searchers or Receptionists who are mostly uniformed and possess presentable personalities. As they are usually the first one to receive guests or visitors and they add an impression to the organization they are deployed at, it is made sure, through proper training and austere supervision, that they are well-dressed, well-mannered,friendly and willing to help others.