Monitoring Staff/Operators

CCTV Operators

SOS Pakistan provides the services of qualified CCTV Operators. They are trained as per the requirement of our client and actively perform their duty, playing a significant role in safeguarding our clients while staying at the back end. They are keen observers and are coached to sense and report any anomaly they notice within the range of their cameras. They are trained on modern lines to effectively operate modern security gadgets

Baggage Scanner operators

SOS Pakistan provides its clients with the services of trained baggage scanner operators as well. Such security staff is expert at operating modern X-ray machines that are in use at vast nowadays. They are also coached to notice any abnormality in any kind of baggage and alert the concerned security personnel to take an immediate action, in order to avoid chances of any greater loss.

Vehicle Searchers

SOS Pakistan offers the services of trained vehicle searchers it has. During their training, they are coached the right way and SOPs of searching different types of vehicles and how to respond to any suspicious discovery. They are normally placed at entrances and exits of some premises and are briefed as per the requirement of the honorable client. They search the vehicles thoroughly with the use of modern-world gadgets and only allow them to pass once they are satisfied that the vehicle is not a potential threat.