Mobile Security

VIP Protection

SOS Pakistan understands the security threats and dangers that VIPs face every day in Pakistan,considering the prevailing law & order situation of the country and the ongoing war against terrorism. We have a trained and vigilant security staff to protect our VIP local as well as foreign clients who trust us with their protection and security. We make sure that our clients feel secure when under the shadow of the security we provide and move around and concentrate on their job or business without fear. Our static and mobile security teams are fully capable of safe guarding the lives, property and premises of our clients.

Convoy Security

SOS Pakistan specializes in convoy security services as well. Its trained security staff is supervised by experienced supervisors and ex-servicemen convoy commanders ensures that the convoy reaches its destination safely. They reconnoiter the convoy routes for likely trouble spots and ambush sites, route conditions, location of safe areas on the way and plan their movement accordingly with their vast experience in this regard. Our control rooms stay in constant contact and track the convoys and are capable of reacting in minimum time in case of any emergency or mishap.

Panic Alarm System with Armed Response

SOS Pakistan through its sister company Olive International (Pvt) Ltd, provides its customers with the service of panic / burglar alarm systems with quick and efficient armed response facility. Whenever a state of emergency is declared and alarms are activated, our control rooms are cautioned immediately and they further alert our quick reaction force and Operations department as well as informs the local police and emergency response departments.